1. MergeSort Algorithm. The algorithm uses a bottom-up Divide and Conquer approach, first dividing the original array into subarrays and then merging the individually sorted subarrays to yield the final sorted array. In the below code snippet, the mergesort_helper () method does the actual splitting into subarrays and the perform_merge () method merges two previously sorted arrays into a new sorted array.
Python range() Function Built-in Functions. Example. Create a sequence of numbers from 0 to 5, and print each item in the sequence: x = range(6) for n in x: print(n)
Dividing A Polygon In Any Given Number Of Equal Areas - Sumit Khetarpal. This post will detail a closed form solution to split polygons into any number of equal areas, while ensuring minimum length of line based cuts. The solution works for both convex and concave polygons, as long as they don't have non-manifold...
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