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Iyaami (or Iyami) have been characterized as a negative force in the universe frequently associated with "witchcraft" and the use of female power to harm others. However, this particular belief is ill informed and is in contradiction to both Ifa scripture and Ifa ritual practice.
Watch Osomatsu-kun episode 1 Online Sheee! The Sextuplets-zansu! シェーッ! 六つ子ザンス! Failing salesman Iyami tries robbing Osomatsu`s house, but is foiled by the rambunctious sextuplets.
Whether you say a prayer, recite your favorite mantra, practice mindfulness exercises, or mediate, you must take time out of your day to center your thoughts and be thankful. We make time for many things in our life, growing spiritually should be the #1 task on your daily check list.