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Fuel Filter Restriction Gauge Kit 2.5" Will Replace Racor RK11-1669 RK11-1676E Kits $60.00 Standard $65.00 For Look Down $75.00 With Drag Pointer $80.00 Look Down With Drag Pointer
MARINE. For marine applications, we supply the engines that power commercial vessels and pleasure crafts, and provide the auxiliary power for on-board electricity generation. They offer the low cost of ownership, reliable power, durability, and low noise and emissions that our marine customers require.
Efficient heat exchange at the condenser demands a free flow of raw water, of course, which means keeping the supply side clear. Clean the relevant sea strainer once a month (or more often in tropical waters), and whenever your air-conditioning system is functioning, keep an eye on its raw-water discharge to ensure the flow is unrestricted.