Jul 29, 2019 · Setting up a Ned rig is as simple as the lure and hook. All you do is tie on a mushroom head jig, thread the tail of your preferred soft plastic stickbait over the shank of the hook and you're good to go. Because the lure is so light, you do have to use extremely light fishing gear.
Description Available December 15 The VMC Crossover Pliers are changing the way that anglers use a Wacky or Neko Rig. The Crossover Pliers help to attach an O-ring to any worm, ensuring a much longer life of the worm.
Try the Neko Rig. If you are fishing a wacky rig senko but find that the fish are holding more toward the bottom in deeper water. Try switching to the neko rig by simply adding a nail wait to the bottom of your senko. This will allow you to fish your wacky rig at the bottom of the water column where you can catch those deeper fish.
Do you jerk and pop like you would a single fluke? its reallyy fun rig, its a "toy" like the whopper plopper. its fun to throw even if your not catching anything lol. looks super cool to see the baits dart like that. Long as were talking double fluke rig. The rig is usually set up weightless.