Docker is meant to be lightweight (doing one job and doing it well), hence docker containers are trimmed to a bare minimum — they have only necessary packages installed to play the required role in a given project ecosystem. From this point of view, having any editor installed is pointless and...
We ask you to check the Simple Machines Forum forum. The target Simple Machines Forum forum will be located in a test directory. You’ll be able to check and test it; If anything is good for you and you approve the migration we send invoice for payment. The checking and testing period should not take more than 3 business days.
Docker's simple idea—wrapping an application and its dependencies into a single deployable container—created a buzz in the software industry. Now, containers are essential to enterprise infrastructure, and Docker is the undisputed industry standard.
Simple Machine Forum è oggi un forum completamente rivisto, sviluppato solo in PHP con a base la ricerca di velocità e sicurezza. Il 23 ottobre 2006, Simple Machines LLC è stato registrato nello stato dell'Arizona, e il 24 novembre 2006 completato il trasferimento di copyrights da Lewis Media a Simple Machines LLC .